LCA Services

The LCA services offered by LCA Design Corporation are outlined below.

LCA Services – Design Analysis

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) can be applied to various products and services as part of the design process providing feedback from previous designs.  The LCA process would determine the initial benchmarks for the design team to improve on based on a predetermined functional unit and metrics. Once a new design is developed, a reassessment can then establish new benchmarks for the continuous improvement process.

LCA Services – Decision Making

LCA can also be used to assess which option/scenario is best as part of the decision making process when comparing new configurations with an existing system.  Often times a new design may seem ideal, but a theoretical LCA can expose negative impacts which were not taken into consideration.

LCA Services – Marketing

LCA can also be used as a marketing tool to showcase your company’s commitment to sustainable business practices in terms of economic, environmental, and social metrics.  Yearly reassessments can increase the company’s transparency for shareholders.


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