About LCA Design Corporation

LCA Design Corporation is a management consulting firm specializing in incorporating Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and design for medium to large businesses.  LCA is a tool used to identify areas of improvement in a product or service in terms of economic, environmental, and social metrics to move towards a more sustainable society.


LCA Design Corporation was founded in 2016 by Katie Soulliere, an Environmental Engineering PhD candidate from the University of Windsor.  Katie is an advocate for lean design and incorporating life cycle analysis into the design and decision-making process.  Katie’s Masters Thesis explored ” Developing a Life Cycle Analysis Framework for the Microalgae Biodiesel Industry”, focusing on establishing new benchmarks for the biodiesel industry.   For her PhD dissertation, Katie is delving into the topic “Banning Technology to Benefit the Environment: Germany’s Ban on ICE Cars by 2030.”

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